Saturday, June 02, 2007


So I have not posted in a while! So lets see... Last weekend was "Band Fest" in town, they had a carnival and a parade along with bands playing all weekend. Of course, we did not go. I played in the yard, finished another couple of flower beds (putting rocks around it) mowed, weeded, trimmed stuff, stripped paint off a door, cleaned the patio area, took more paint off the front pillars and did other yard stuff.

Monday, no school, didnt do much, Tuesday back to school, and the class picnic, Wednesday, I dont remember much. Thursday happened along with Friday. lol

Friday, I did my usual grocery shopping in the morning, and was sure to buy plenty of stuff for Caitlin after she has her tubes put in, and tonsils and adenoids taken out. Then we went out to eat for my birthday. Afterwards, we drove by Caitlin's new school since we no longer live in the "Hoover" district.

Today I got up way early... I was going to lay back down, but didn't get around to it heh. I was going to mow, but it was only 7, so I weeded the gardens and dug up some dandelions around the yard and flower beds and tried to just waste time. I finally mowed... then had Tony help me move the rest of the landscape wood ties so I could finish the last, YES FINALLY THE LAST, flower bed! WOOT! Still have a big pile of rocks though so now I have to get creative!

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