Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Nap

I have not taken a nap during the day for about a week now, but I was tired, so I figured Id sneak one in today. I kept tossing and turning and it felt like I couldn’t sleep. I woke up and had to use the bathroom and the clock said 1:30pm! It was 11:00 when I got in bed! Ooops!

When I was in the bathroom, I noticed that there was RED and BLUE all over our fairly new hand towel. I called Caitlin, and asked “What happened to the towel?” Caitlin replied “I don’t know.” I asked her what she had been doing and she said “Painting”. Oh great. If only you could see the things that ran through my head at that moment. I expected to have red and blue paint all through the house. Nope. There was paint on the paper that she got out, and paint on the hand towel. That’s it. Not a drop anywhere else or at least that I haven’t seen yet.

“Caitlin, why did you take out the paints?” Caitlin said “Because I could not find the play dough.” LOL ok then! After I sat down at my desk, Caitlin said “Well I did not get paint on Kie kie! She was waiting on the couch for me to be done painting”. Oh well that’s good. Don’t worry about the vanilla colored hand towel that is blue and red now. Hehe

We really do have great kids. She was only trying entertain herself while mommy, daddy, and Zoe were sleeping! She really did not make that big of a mess, and its only a towel.

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