Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ground Hog Day

Okay so one saw his shadow and another did not. Does it really matter? Does a groundhog trumph Mother Nature? I guess he says we are up for six more mild weeks of winter. Does that go for all of the USA?

I watched The Skeleton Key last night. *I* thought it was a good movie. I started to watch Four Brothers, but I started to fall asleep so I shut it off and went to bed.

I <3 netflix.

Why is it that the phone MUST ring during climaxes of movies?? Is there a written law some where that states that you may only call someone during the creepy scene of the movie? Hmm ok I guess Ill just call that Murphys Law. Who is Murphy and why does he get a law? I guess Ill have to google that... that was very intresting.

Why must FEMA and the US Government search for someone to blame with their lack of readiness when Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast? Why dont they just suck it up and get over it and do something about it instead of sit around and figure out who to point the finger at. Help those people. Yes it does seem as if though some of the poorest people went thru complete devistation of their houses, some people say they are just looking for a handout. WTF?? Their houses are NO MORE! GONE! I dont think FEMA and the government are doing all that they can. Normally I dont worry much about this stuff but its on the news every day. Kinda hard to miss it.

HA! It seems "they" have been putting this new comercial thing at the begining of DVDs. They still have the usual FBI WARNING, and what not, but now they have this thing where they play some music, show video of a car and the words " you wouldnt steal a car" pop up, then they have video of a man whos about to take a womans handbag "you wouldnt steal a handbag", next they show video someone in a video store getting ready to steal a DVD "you wouldnt steal a dvd" ... Then they go on to say something about how DOWNLOADING pirated movies is illega. They say NOTHING about burning a dvd. But I guess that is covered under the FBI Warning. Weirdos.

I miss my computer...

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