Sunday, February 19, 2006


I know by other peoples standards my kids are angels but HOLY CRAP they are pushing my buttons today. Caitlin and Zoe decided it would be “fun” to play with the toilet paper in their room. Well this is my fault since the pack of tp was on the floor for a couple days and not where it belongs. But come on… Since when is toilet paper a toy?

Caitlin keeps making Zoe cry. I’m not sure how, because she only seems to do it when they are in their room. They are supposed to be picking up their toys but are not. I shut the television off after the toilet paper incident and now every few minuets Caitlin comes out and complains “My TV is off so I am out here because I am sad.” Okay… I tell her that I do not think she should watch TV since she is supposed to be picking up. Then she gives me these puppy dog eyes that are not working on me today.

This morning at breakfast, Caitlin wanted a banana, so I gave each of the girls one. Caitlin was playing with hers so I told her to stop. She said “But mom, we are eating bananas, so we are monkeys!” I told her that if she dropped her banana on the floor, momma was going to be MAD. Sure enough, a few minuets passed and she dropped half of her banana on the floor. Instead of eating the other half that was still on the table, she just whined about the one that was on the floor.

I asked Caitlin and Zoe to pick up all the toys in the living room and put them where they belong in their room. I had to ask twice before it was done.

We store some of the girl’s toys that are no longer played with in our tiny bedroom. This room as become some what of a storage room. I had to use the bathroom and when I was back there, I heard some noise coming from the room. Odd because they are not allowed in there, but there they were playing on the floor with their keyboard piano. So I told them that they could take it into their room and play with it and they could NOT go into that room again. Within ten minuets, I heard the door open… grr…

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