Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Well I did not do much today, probably not even enough to blog about, but ya. I did some dishes...Two "drying racks" full and cleaned the kitchen. Not that you can tell, cuz the trash is overflowing...Yukcypoo.

When I got up this morning, I got followed for about an hour by Tico. That was weird. Normally he doesnt really want much to do with us. I thought maybe he had no food or water, but he I dunno! I guess he just wanted some attention.

I still did not put this mountain of clean laundry away. I should do that before it gets mixed up in the dirty laundry! I hate that when that happens...

I made some cards today.. That was fun. I took some of the stamped images I had laying around (ok well in a bin) and just created stuff with them.

Hmm what else did I do today... I took Caitlin to school...picked her up from school... Helped her clean her and Zoes room...Gave them a bath... Oh ya and fed them a few times.

I watched "LOST" tonight, it was OKAY. I dunno.. I am kind of bored with it, but I still watch it cuz I want to know WTF is going on. That and there is nothing else thats on at that time... Well Im sure there is, but nothing else that I want to watch

I need to get rid of this POS mouse and hook up my new one, but just have not gotten around to doing so. This one pisses me off... The pointer just jumps around randomly at times... Gets annoying and frustrating when it lands on something like "log out" and I click it cuz I thought I was still on something else that I actually WANTED to click on...

I feel kinda lazy lately. I am really stressed about some news that I received the other day. I cant really say much about it cuz its not set into stone yet.

Only 19 more days until I have to go house sit and Jodi sit. Weee. Im so excited. Can you feel the excitement flowing out of me?? Dont get me wrong, I totally do not mind doing a favor for my aunt and uncle. But Jodi is hard to take sometimes, and with as stressed as I have been feeling, putting up with her might just push me over the edge... I know... think of the money Ill be paid to Jodi sit. That should make it easier, but it doesnt. I just hope she doesnt have any incidents while I am there. In the last couple of months, she has had one (maybe two) seizures and she blacked out once (that COULD have been another seizure). The last time we house sat, she was quite the handful. I dont remember the details, but I know she pissed me off more then once.

Ok I guess I had stuff to blog about after all... Not that any of that was intresting though...

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