Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Man… This is why I like to do stuff spontaneously! I made plans to go visit our friend Kat who had a baby six weeks early. Her baby Alexander is still in the hospital at the U of M.

Well Caitlin never got over her ear infection from two weeks ago. I took her back to the doctor yesterday; one ear is still a bit red, and the other has clear fluid in it. The doc gave us different antibiotics. Caitlin also has a horrible cough. I asked if there was anything I could give her for it, and she said a decongestant. Well I figured I would wait to see how Caitlin was doing this morning before we left. This morning, Caitlin is still coughing, complaining about her ear, has a low grade fever, and is extremely cranky.

So… We are going to stay home. I do NOT want to take Caitlin into the NICU with all the small babies, some who are fighting for their life. Those little babies do not need to be exposed to my coughing child. Even though she can not go into the room with the babies, the fact that she would even be in the building concerns me.

I hate when my plans fail.

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