Friday, February 03, 2006

Feb 3rd 2006

Oh my post titles are getting so intresting! hehe

Any who... today is Friday. Normally the IRS direct deposits their refunds on Fridays. Well its not here today. I guess we are out of luck until next Friday. SUX

I want my computer parts!

Well so far today, I have not done much around the house. I did some quick picking up last night, and the place looks OKAY. Funny how little things make such a big difference. Now I just have to get the laundry put away!

Whooohooo! It is snowing outside!! Now I wish we would get a blizzard. A good old fashion blizzard with 3 feet of snow. Like the one on Halloween several years ago. (Several several, like when I was a kid... it would have been my last year trick or treating)

We need snow soo bad for the local economny. The snowmobilers are far and few between. We had to cancel our "Winter Fest" due to no ice on the lake. They have snowmobile races on the ice. I guess pretty fun. Ive never gone.

We also need snow for our ginormous ski race that is held here every Feb....They put a ton of snow down on main street so they can continue the race to the finish line two blocks up from our apartment. Its pretty cool to watch.

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