Sunday, July 15, 2007


I always knew my husband was not a factory worker. He has been so grumpy the past few months because he absolutely HATES his job. Its not that it is hard, its that it is repetitive. All day, eight hours a day doing the same exact thing the same exact way. He wakes up in such a horrible mood, sometimes I want to kick him to the couch!

He has nice hands. He does not like dirt under his nails, and keeps them neatly trimmed. Its not about his hands, its about the hate towards the job. He is a hard worker, just not a factory worker.

Sometimes people say that is work. But come on, if you do not like your job, there are other ones out there. If your job creates so much stress in your lives, and those around you, there is a problem. It does affect me and the kids, as would anyone who is unhappy so frequently. So he has decided to switch. I am excited! I can not wait until he starts training and finishes so he can do his job. Not a factory job.

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