Friday, July 20, 2007


I'm not sure the last time I posted about Walmart but here goes....


-Cashiers do NOT know how to bag groceries. Considering this is an average size store with a grocery store, you would think they would be trained on how to put food in a bag. Anything that could be squished or smashed, was. Cold stuff was with canned, dry with frozen. WTF Kind of packing is this?? I put my stuff on the thing the way it should be bagged. Like items together. I first put my heavy stuff such as sodas, juice boxes, propel, power aid, on first. Then I put the canned goods along with other non squishable items, then dry goods, and last of all, my bread, buns, chips. I don't know what this guy did, but NONE of it was together, I had cold stuff in every bag, propel in with my kids individual packs of gram crackers, frozen stuff not together at all. I also ended up with three bags with no more then one item.

-They move stuff around the store about once a month. Just when you figure out where they moved it, its gone, it went to a new home.

-They constantly discontinue things that I like. Doesn't matter what it is, if I like it, eventually it gets discontinued.

-Takes no less then an hour to grocery shop. Seems like no matter what I go there for, it always takes an hour or more. Wow what a waste of my valuable time! (Not that I have anything else to do...)

-Never have enough lanes open. Target has a 1 plus 1 policy. If theres more then two people in line, they open a new line. Walmart has not heard of this. They never open more lanes, no matter how many people are in line.

-They put the "special" people at the regular lines, and the fast people at the express checkouts. Um hello??

-Parking. Its as if all of the employees park right by the doors. Even when the store is not busy, you still can not park NEAR the store. I always try to park near a cart corral when I have my children with me.

-No one to be found. If you need something, and want to ask someone a question, there is NO ONE around. Employees should be cross trained in all departments. When you ask someone in the Hardware, they should know something about the department next to them, and that happens to be be housewares, or garden. And if you do find someone for that department, it usually takes no less then three employees to answer your question.


-Cheaper to shop here for groceries then anywhere else. The selection of MOST items is good, and so is the price. There are two other grocery stores in town, one is very expensive, and the other is cheap, but has zero selection.

-Self check out. This is nice if you only have a few items, and you are shopping between the hours of 9am - 7pm.

hmm... I can not think of any other "pros" oh well...

/end rant

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