Thursday, July 26, 2007

Title (not sure what to call this post)

Monday I sold my car to the junk yard. I got a check for $350! They weren't able to pick it up until yesterday, so there it sat taking up a parking spot in our driveway. So yesterday, I was looking out the window, and I see this car that looks like its floating down the road. Then I realized it was on a flatbed and it was the tow truck coming for my car.

The money came just in time. Our water bill was DUE Tuesday, and my husband got confused on his payday. So I was able to take care of that, buy all of the animals some food, buy a few fast food meals, hubby a couple new work shirts, and a baby shower and wedding gift, and some clothes to wear to the wedding!

Tony is doing good at his new job as a car salesman! Hes sold two cars so far, and has several leads on other sales. He is very relived to no longer be working at the factory, and I think he likes dressing in nice clothes again.

I think my sleeping pill might need to be raised. Seems like every other night I am unable to fall asleep after they have kicked in. I do not have an appointment with the doctor until October, so I am going to try to call him.

I have my "shop" up on ETSY! So where are all of you digital scrapbookers?! My website is still under construction, and I am unable to put all of my kits up on ETSY, so let me know if you are looking for a particular style of kit! I might have it laying around on my hard drive! If not, I will make it!

Before I moved here, I had started to put together a plan to do Party / Wedding Planning once I got down here. I have a business plan, and lots of information already figured out. I was pleasantly surprised on Monday. A girl called to book Tony for a wedding. I talked to her for about 20 minutes, and let her go. She called back ten minutes later asking if I would be able to help plan her wedding and to let her know what I would charge!! SWEET! Her wedding is in August 2008, so I have plenty of time to help her get organized.

Now if only I could get my digital scrapbooking business going, I might be able to add some extra cash to our family's income!

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