Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Recycle: Things you probably overlook

As I have been recycling like a mad woman, Ive found a few things that I have not been recycling! But don't fret! Now I know!

-Empty paper towel & toilet paper rolls! (you can recycle, or reuse them to hold plastic grocery bags, or use for kids projects!)

-Junk mail! Open it up, tear it up and put it in your paper bin to send off to the recycle center! Even if you shred these things, you still can send your shreds!

-Batteries. How many batteries do you go through? We go through a lot between remotes, toys and cameras. I have a small box set aside to collect these! Staples takes them!

-Empty ink cartridges. Staples will take them plus give you $3 off your ink purchase! See, it PAYS to recycle!

-Finished to do lists. I make lists. Lots and lots of lists. I can fill my desk trash can in a week with all my lists! Start throwing them in with your light weight cardboard and other paper!

-Empty shampoo, conditioner & cleaning bottles! We all use these... and plastic takes up a ton of space in the landfill! Start here with PLASTIC if you don't know where to begin!

I have managed to go from FILLING and THEN SOME in our 32 gallon trash can that gets picked up weekly, to having two bags of trash! (I would like to see it cut down to ONE bag weekly) Just think of the space you free up in the landfill by cutting down your trash! Besides, its free to fill your recycle bin!! Ive been so good at filling mine, I have actually had to drive to the recycling center to empty it!

Have any other items around the house that you think people over look? Leave a comment!

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