Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Queen of Crazyville

I feel like Queen this week. We received several gifts for Christmas this year and it feels like we are being pampered!

I received remote start for my van from my mother in law (too bad no one will put it in my van for me and it will be 300$ to have a shop to do it). I can’t wait to use this. I hate walking all the way to my van in the bitter cold weather to warm it up only to have to sit in the van while the windows defrost so I can drive it to our front door. (NOTE: I do not mind the SNOW, but I do mind the cold.)

From my aunt and uncle, we received 800tc sheets… mmMm nice. We house sat for them in April and I commented on how much I loved their sheets and that’s what they can get us for Christmas! The sheets on our bed were 400tc, and the 800tc are twice the thickness. They are awesome!

My mother gave us a gift card for Target to use towards new towels; they came via UPS this afternoon. They are so big and soft enough to be at the spa. I can’t wait to get them washed up and ready to use!

The four of us receved sweatshirts that bear the local schools sports name “the hurricanes”. I don’t know why they are that, but ok Ill go with the flow. Besides, everyone can use a new big fluffy sweatshirt once in a while!


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