Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Morning Rant

I HATE mornings. Why? Because everyone (kids and cats) wants something from me RIGHT NOW. Does not matter how fast I move, I am too slow for their morning demands. The cats want food and water; the kids want milk, fruit, & oatmeal. If I am too slow, Caitlin tells me every two seconds that she wants milk or oatmeal. Then it’s a straw, a napkin, and whatever else her tiny brain can come up with. Zoe doesn’t say much other then "guck" which is how she says milk. The cats run under my feet constantly and if I don’t get them water fast enough, they drink out of the toilet, which wouldn’t be so bad, but I put Clorox tablets in, and cats probably should not drink bleach water!

Then if I have not scooped the cat box in a couple of days, Tico is sure to let me know by giving me a wet rug (where I stand in the morning to get water for the kid’s oatmeal). UGH.
I know how to remedy this situation. It sounds simple to a person who is able to get out of bed and go on about their day. I need to stick with my Night time routine, and get up before my children, which some mornings would be before 6am and 8am others, then do my morning routine.

Any who… Today I am going to help my uncle with his Christmas decorations. This will be fun, Ill be outside, and away from my children for a bit.

Ugh, why cant children pick up their toys?? Don’t they realize how much easier it would be to play in a neat and orderly room?? I try to help when I can but geez, I can’t do it for them all the time! Yeah, Caitlin is ONLY four, but if she doesn’t learn now, when will she. I already called Santa and left him a message not to bring her toys. This did not work and now she complains about me calling him. I told her when she cleans her room I would call him back and tell him she was good.

/morning rant

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