Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Dont leave me alone with myself. Yes you read that right, do NOT leave me alone with MYSELF. My mind just goes on and on and on, kind of like Caitlin who never stops talking. I go over everything in my life or whatever is on my mind, not once, not twice, but at least ten times before I get annoyed with MYSELF. Just makes me wonder how other people put up with me, how they dont get annoyed to the point of leaving me or punching my lights out. I guess thats why my best friend is my husband, and my other friend lives 3 hours away. I could go on about how bad my mind wanders and obesses but I will not.

Anywho. I went to the tooth devil today. UGH I hate having my teeth cleaned by them. I have good gums but they are sensitive along with my teeth. PLEASE do not blow air on my teeth :( It HURTS. DO NOT put cold water or hot water on them, OUCH. And for the love of buddah, do NOT stick that sharp pointy thing into what we both know is a cavity!!! DAMN YOU! Then after all this torture, you tell me that I am on a waiting list to have my cavity filled. Wonderful. So in other words, I will have to make another appointment for a cleaning, then I can get an appointment for fillings. I will not say anything about my wonderful *sarcasm* trip to the dentist and scare my children before they even meet one.

Ok I have to go eat, tonight is "open scrapbook" night.

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