Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas Shopping

Ok I think I am done with the shopping part of christmas gifts. Now onto the ones I am making. Weeeeeeee LOL Christmas is coming wayyy to fast. Someone asked Caitlin today if she was ready for Santa to come, she said "no". I will remember this in a year or two when she will be begging for Santa to come visit.

I havnt talked to hubby about this yet (but he reads my blog) but I would like to take the girls to see Santa and the Reigndeer next Sunday. Bad part is, we have soo much traveling between dentist appointments, and doctor appointments that I am not sure I want to sit in the car agan. BUT, this also would be the PERFECT time to go see my dad and grandmother (that we havnt seen since LAST Christmas..).



T. said...

yes, i'm an asshole scrooge.... and i'll bitch and moan about going to see satan claws.... but not in front of the squirrels.

InsomniacRed said...

Sweeet. lol