Friday, October 12, 2007


Oh my I was so busy Monday Tuesday and Wednesday that my head was just spinning! Monday I had to get Caitlin off to school, and went to my first class. Tuesday Tony went out of town and I had to get Caitlin off to school, Zoe off to school, bring Kim to the hospital, and I ran several errands. Then I had to pick Zoe back up. Tuesday night, I had a class. I found a babysitter (at the last possible second) for that night since Kim had another procedure done and I wanted her to get some sleep. Wednesday, I got Caitlin off to school, took Zoe to her new daycare (her second day EVER in daycare) and went to class. Then I had to pick up Zoe... (she had fun) Then I had to go to the online orientation that I had accidentally gone to on Tuesday... Then I attended my night class. When I got home, my husband was home! :D Then Thursday, I had to get Caitlin off to school, and take Zoe to preschool...........

Is your head spinning yet?????? Hehehe

And since today is Friday, and I apparently have ignored the house, I must clean clean clean!

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