Monday, October 15, 2007

Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee?

Wow.. week two of getting everyone to where they need to be and when is going okay so far, yet its only Monday so we will see how Tuesday and Wednesday go. Thursday and Friday I do not have class, and its just Tony work, Caitlin school, and Zoe preschool on Thursday.

Of course I have two appointments to throw into the mix, along with having to pick up and delivering of the fund raiser stuff from last month.

Ill be going to the Mall of America today to meet my aunt and uncle before they fly out to Australia and New Zealand for vacation. It always takes ME an hour longer then anyone else to get places.. lol I drive the speed limit and make many stops. I hope the girls sleep on the way home so I can just cruise back on into Iowa.

Although everyones schedules are now blending together a bit better since we have two cars, I have been slacking on the home front. Laundry is not getting done, the house is in constant disarray, the dogs are probably under walked... :( I have not made the bed in almost a week *sigh*

That will be next to put into the mix of things I guess...

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