Monday, October 08, 2007

First Day of one class

Today was my first day of Human Dynamics. It started out with roll call, then sign in, then initialing the "contact" sheet with our information on it.

We then went through our class syllabus. Talked a bit about the books for the class, and then we each said something about each ourselves. This is a huge part of the class since it is about learning about ourselves. Our strengths, not our weaknesses...

We then had a sheet of paper with a few squares labeled things like "has pets", "traveled to another continent" and so on, then we had to collect "signatures" of the people fitting those "titles". Once we got as much from our classmates, we were off to find the rest from students and faculty in the building. Once that was completed, we were free to go.

I had fun. I told my husband that I had "fun", and he kind of looked at me like HUH? FUN? Wednesday we are going to be taking our"strengths quest assessment" to learn our top five. Ive started reading the book about the assessment, and it seems very interesting. I almost can not wait to do it!

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