Saturday, October 13, 2007

Strengths Quest

We found out our top five strengths on Wednesday. Some people find they don't identify at all with their top five, or maybe one or two, but not all. I pretty much agree with all five of mine. Here are my top five and some "definitions" of them..

Sort through the clutter and find the best route
See patterns when others simply see complexity
What if?
Know there is more then one way to get from point A to point B
Quickly pick out relevant issues and patterns
Lightning quick evaluation of what wont work
People don't realize you have considered all of the options
Sometimes you think backwards

Like to think, like mental activity
Like exercising the "muscles" of your brain
Thought goes in multiple directions, may be focused, may lack focus
Simply like to think
You are your own best companion
Mental hum, constants of your life

Like to explain, describe, speak, write, and tell stories
Bring a dry idea to life
Want information
May be criticized because you like to talk a lot
Reach out and connect with people

Collect things that interest you
Find several things interesting - Keeps your mind fresh
Always adding information to your archives
Don't feel comfortable with throwing anything away
Want to know more, crave information
Active and resourceful curiosity

Love to solve problems
Analyzing the symptoms, identifying what is wrong
Enjoy bringing things back to life
Fix it, resuscitate it, rekindle its vitality
Readily take on projects others believe cant be "saved"
Quickly recognize problems that others may not detect
Other people might not like the fact you can quickly detect problems, weaknesses, situations and organizations

Now add those things to my bipolar, depression and anxiety, and you pretty much have me figured out.

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