Friday, November 11, 2005

Are you SURE that today is FRIDAY?

Have you ever woke up and thought that it was a different day then it actually was?? I was up at 7ish as usual, made the kids breakfest, put on cartoons, snoozed for a few on the couch, then I went to change Zoes diaper. I looked in the mirror, realized MAN I need a haircut! Then I thought about that for a second... WAIT... I had a hair appointment YESTERDAY! SHOOT! I missed it! WOW that sucks! *phone rings* (cant answer it cuz im still in diaper change mode). I put Zoe down and go check the phone. "enter hair place name here" Hmm... OH CRAP TODAY IS FRIDAY! Whoops... So I did get to reschedule for 1pm. Nice...

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