Monday, November 21, 2005

Time change...

Okay, so my kids seem to be off schedule since daylights savings. Getting up at 6:00am is getting old. I think I need to adjust their bedtime a bit. They usually are good sleepers, but Zoe has a cough that has been keeping us both up at night, and Caitlin keeps having nightmares and wanting to crawl in bed with me. This would be ok, but our bed is a queen and hubby and I both use "our" side to its full potential. I cant even count how many times in the last month or so how many times Caitlin has felt the need to wake me up for something.

And in other news, I am tring to get my christmas cards made, and other gifts ready. I have came up with five card designs, but havent been able to make more then 8 of one design due to lack of supplies. Oh well, what can ya do.

Well, most of our snow has melted, and this probably sucks for the hunters. No snow means its harder to track deer. I cant wait till hunting season is over and I get my husband back a couple nights a week.

Okay, I have just been informed that it is time for breakfest.

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