Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sick again?

So once again, Caitlin woke me up about ten times through out the night. First she was thirsty, then she had to go potty, then she wanted a hug, then she told me I was the "greatest mom ever", next it was a cough, then she was too sick to sleep, Zoe was up (because Caitlin kept getting up) there were a few that I just had no clue as to WHY she was waking me up AGAIN. She attempted to crawl in bed with me at one point, I told her that daddy had to sleep there when he got home! I know, mean ...
I got woke up around 5 with Caitlin coughing. So I got up and gave her some medicine, and went back to bed. About 5:30 Caitlin wanted something, and again at 6:00, 6:30, & 7:00am. WEE! Well tonight is gonna be great. I have no sleepy pills (I forgot to go to the pharmacy on friday) Funny how I can fall asleep during the day, yet I can not fall asleep at night when its time to do so.
Yesterday was Tonys last day for the 12 days straight (or however many there was). It will be nice to have him home! We each have plans for Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, but we will see each other before and after! Sunday hes going to go do some deep cleaning at the club, scrub the carpets and what not. Monday, Tony has play group with Zoe, Caitlin has school, and in the evening I will be going to a stamping thing. Tuesday Caitlin has a dr. apt (i think her ear infection is back / or never went away) and Tony has plans to go do some RPGing about an hour away.
WHOOHOO! For Sunday night TV! I love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Desperate Housewives, and Grays Anatomy. I cry for the first one, and then giggle for the second two! LOL

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