Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Still Snowing

Well its still snowing here. Dunno if you can tell the difference between this pic and the other pic, but here is the current view at 3:51 outside.

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Today begins Tonys twelve days straight of work at the club. Hunting season starts this weekend, and I guess hunters come up here to hunt, drink beer, and watch girls dance. I am going to miss my husband while he is gone. Its weird looking over at his desk and him not being there MMRGPing, chatting or reading TotalFark. It kinda sucks, we just paid his monthly service for both, and he wont be home to use them! LOL

Tonight there was supposed to be  a playgroup for the birth to three program that Zoe is in. It was cancelled due to the snow. Oh well, I didnt feel like bundling up the kids, bundling up me, then rebundling up Zoe...


...Yeah.. So I went to pick up Caitlin from preschool...Set Zoe down, grabbed Caitlins back pack and coat, got her hat out of her sleve, put her hat on, mittens, coat. OK While did that, Zoe had taken off her hat, mittens, scarf, and coat. GREAT! Ok I feel like I burned a few hundred calories just by bundling up my kids, rebundling up my kids, scraping my van off for 15 mins this am, then another 10 when I went to pick caitlin back up! LOL better have burned a few

WHEW! I sure am wordy...

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