Wednesday, November 16, 2005


It snowed last night! WHOOHOO! Whoohoo until I had to bring Caitlin to preschool that is... there was ICE under the snow on my van. I kind of procrastinated this morning on leaving, well that and Caitlins hat was no where to be found, she lost one at school already too! It took me about 15 mins to clean off the ice and snow, making Caitlin late for school, which was fine cuz so was half her class LOL

LOST is on tonight! I cant wait! Well I guess I HAVE to wait.
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Look! ICECYCLES! (Hubby says thats spelled right.. Hmm.. looks soo wrong!)

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Caitlin was REALLY excited that there was snow on the ground cuz it means CHRISTMAS. How do you explain to a four year old who has NO concept of time, that Christmas is more then a month away! I am planning to make a count down calender for her, but sheesh, I am not ready to even start the count down calender yet! Thanksgiving isnt even here yet! I keep telling her that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas, but then she tells me Christmas is the day after Thanksgiving. Should I tell her that it is Black Friday and there are crazy mad people who go shopping and beat people up for gifts? Or should I leave that detail out until she is older...LOL


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