Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Time flies

So Ive been kinda down the last couple of weeks, been off my schedule a LOT, and that causes my life to spin out of control. See this post. When some people get down, they know what causes it. When a bi polar gets down, its bad. When someone who suffers from depression gets down, its also bad. People do not understand this. Look, I am down. Just getting out of bed and "doing" what ever it is that I need to do just does not work. I can not do it. It is phsyiclly and mentally impossible. Yes ok get up out of bed, get dressed, this I can accomplish. Feed the kids an self, check!, do daily tasks such as make bed, general straighting up, no, unable to accomplish. I am cripled, unable to go on with life, get the things done that I need to do...I have one week to see if rasing my meds (again) will work; so far, no. Anyways, I am tring very hard to get things back track.
Time flies. It is still Novemeber right? I mean, it IS the 30th and tomorrow IS December 1st, but it is STILL NOVEMBER! I got two christmas cards in the mail today. I still have halloween / fall decorations around and about. I am slowly taking them down, but they are still up...I make my christmas cards every year. I have yet to finish this project yet. I also am making severalgifts this year (again) and I have hardly started. I guess I should get off here, do my daily tasks, then start on these projects!


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