Sunday, April 02, 2006


I did a ton of scrap booking this weekend. I told my mother in law that I would have some pages for their never ending book. I ended up making nine pages for all four albums that I fill. Ron, Carol, John, Diane, and Brad should all be happy for the add on too.

Today is Caitlin’s 5th birthday. We are having her party at Ron and Carol’s house around noon. I love my kid’s parties. So far, its just family, Ill starts the “kid” parties after she gets into kindergarten.

Caitlin kept telling me she wanted The Littlest Petshop mice. I told her I don’t think they make those. Well turns out that they DO make them. I found them on EBay and ordered them. They came on Thursday via post office. I can not wait until she sees them! She will be so happy, or disappointment, who knows.

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