Thursday, April 06, 2006


Yesterday I felt rather sick. I was stuffy, yet runny nose, my head felt like it weighted a hundred pounds. In the morning, I took Dayquil cold/flu. Then in the afternoon, I took more. I also took some Sudafed. Seemed like neither worked, because I still felt horrible. After I went and picked Caitlin up from school, I was down right miserable. The kids wanted cold cereal for dinner, and I was not going to argue. That’s about all I felt I could make anyways.

I put the kids to bed a bit early, don’t worry, they have a TV. I should have moved the van after I put them to bed, but I was just too sick. I ended up taking some Benadryl around 6ish. Well I kept feeling cold, so I bundled up with pajama pants, and a sweatshirt. I took a permanent place on the couch with three blankets. I continued to shiver. Finally around 8pm, I took my temperature. It was 101.6. That makes me wonder what it was before I took the Benadryl!

My fever must have broke sometime during the night because I woke up feeling a lot better. Still not 100%, but 80% better then last night when I was miserable and shivering on the couch!

(dont worry, I did end up moving the van around 10pm even though I still felt like I was floating... So no ticket!)

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