Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday March 2nd 2006

Well Friday Tonys parents Randall & Kim came to visit for the weekend! It was so nice having other adults around!! I probably talked their ear off and then some though...

Satuday Kim & I went shopping for the usual diapers, wipes, and stuff. My trash can lid had broke, so its useless now, and Kim bought me a new one! Thank you again Kim!!! She also got me a ton of adhesive. Im a bit mad about the adhesive because I have done nothing but fight with it to get it to work! Monday morning I am calling the company! Grr dont sell a product if it doesnt work..

Today was Caitlins 5th birthday, and her party actually fell on it. We had her party at Ron & Carols house. It was a good day! I thought my grandmother would be asking me where Tony is a zillion times, she only asked twice! I guess Ron called her the other day, and she told him that I did not tell her that the party was at R&Cs house. I know I did, that was the whole point of me calling them the other day!! Grr she told EVERYONE that I did not tell her... Ugh Old age better not fnd me...

You can find pictures from the birthday party over in my "family photos" in my links!

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