Friday, April 21, 2006

Dumpster divin...

Have you ever gone dumpster diving? I never have. I never have stopped along side a dumpster and taken what was next to it or in it. The whole thought of it as being trash just grosses me out big time.

The reason why I bring this up is because when I moved the van last night, I had to wait for some guy who was taking up the whole alley with his car, and digging through the dumpster. It was just creepy. The dumpster diving man looked very scruffy, but not harmful.

The rest of the night I felt pretty freaked out because of the way my brain works. It likes to fixate on one thing and worry about it. Some times it likes to switch between thoughts like a mad person. Stupid bi polar!


Stine said...

I never REALLY went dumpster diving but the idea fascinates me. Once, when I worked for a department store, a couple of people were doing the old "return" scam. They had stolen items and were attempting to return the items for a cash refund. Problem was, the goods weren't stolen from our department store.

So there were about five pair of confiscated brand name jeans, just my size, that neither the department store nor the police wanted. My boss placed them in a bag, had me follow her outside when she put the goods on top of the dumpster, and per her instructions, I waited until she turned her back and I took the items.

It was her way of giving me things I wanted/needed and also not breaking any "rules".

She did the same when I asked if I could have two of those huge rolling racks for storing off-season clothes in my basement. She just put them next to the dumpster and I retrieved them. God, I wish I had kept those things in my divorce. They're awesome.

Anyway, a few friends of mine have participated in it... and they specify "good" and "bad" dumpsters. Good dumpsters are bins belonging to a paper supply company or any store that doesn't stock food items. I don't find anything wrong with it, although it does kind of gross me out a little.

There are message boards dedicated to this thing, though, and how to retrieve "safe" and perfectly usable items. I'm sure some googling would bring them up.

InsomniacRed said...

well that is sorta different. but the dumpster i speak of is a trash dumpster loaded with stinky disgusting TRASH! LOL