Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Five reasons why I LOVE staying home with my girls

1 I get to see silly little things that happen during the day. Like Zoe running down the hallway and stopping just to wiggle her butt, then back to running.

2 I get to see Caitlin play with her leap pad and how far she has come with it. At first it used to be tapping to see what she could make it do. Now she actually plays the games, and lets the thing read to her.

3 Today when I went to get Zoe up from her nap, I saw her drawing on the leap pad. I had to take a picture of it once I saw it. It was so cute!

4 I can watch the kids play and listen to their little conversations they have as they play with their toys. It’s amazing the things they pick up on when other adults are talking. They tend to use their new little words and phrases when they are playing.

5 I get to hear things like MOM I don’t like you because you make me sad because you told me to pick up in my room. Or Mom I really love you. You’re the greatest mom ever. Its funny to hear one thing then the other!

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