Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Horoscope, Chinese Proverb, & other wise words

Being born on June 1st, I am a Gemini. I like to follow my horoscope on a regular basis. I try not to live by it, but it is very interesting to read what it says.

Today’s horoscope

This transit will inspire you to make money through unusual and intriguing means. You will have unique connections to your co-workers, and much can be learned if you observe their actions during this period. (88%)

You can make money through investments or working with products or services for the home. During this transit you may come into money through inheritance or family investments. You will keep close ties to your family, relatives and friends. (80%)

Brief summary of Gemini

Gemini has so many talents and interests; sometimes you may find that your attention gets split between too many things at once. It's just so easy for to start doing something, and then get distracted by something else that seems equally as fascinating. Yet this diversity will also be the root of your success, for you have the ability to accomplish much more than the average person, often in a relatively short time. You're able to keep track of a wide range of information that would confuse a lesser person. Rather than causing undue stress, the many demands on your time and attention actually seem to increase your energy and motivation.

It is very intriguing and I often wonder who comes up with this stuff. I don’t have any co-workers, so that makes it strange. I have no family that will die and leave an inheritance. I am sure my mother’s house will go to her husband, or his children. This really does not bother me except I could sell it for some cash. Yes I know how morbid planning my mothers death.

Today's Chinese Proverb:
"Govern a small family as you would cook a small fish, very gently."

I look to the Chinese Proverb of the day for inspiration. Sometimes it can be helpful, others not so much!

Buddhism: Your Daily Meditation

This 'real' nature with whose revelation the Chan Masters are primarily concerned, or the Atman-'I' of the Vedantists, is not the far-off, unreachable will-o'-the-wisp we are apt to imagine, but just the within of which we know the without. It is just the other side of the medal, and it lies wherever our senses and our intellect cease to function. - Ask the Awakened by Wei Wu Wei

The Buddhist way is very interesting.

Many sects and traditions will have different practices to complement the Eightfold Noble Path laid out by Shakyamuni Buddha, but all have these as their basis:

  1. Right Views: i.e., Knowledge of the Four Noble Truths:
    1. The world is full of suffering and stress. (glad someone realizes this)
    2. The cause of this suffering and stress is desires of physical instincts. (wow)
    3. If desire can be removed, and suffering and stress will be ended. (good words to live by)
    4. Desire can be removed by following the Eightfold Noble Path: Right Views, Right Thoughts, Right Speech, Right Conduct, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration. (that’s a lot of rights)
  2. Right Thoughts: Aspire to attain realization of Nirvana, i.e., perfect wisdom, the ultimate true permanent reality. (so Nirvana really does exist)
  3. Right Speech: Abstain from all lying, falsehoods, evil, abusive and frivolous speech. (this should be easy)
  4. Right Conduct: Keep the Five Precepts:
    1. Abstain from taking life, (bad mafia, bad)
    2. abstain from taking that which is not given, (please do not steal)
    3. abstain from misconduct done in lust, (no lust for you!)
    4. abstain from lying, (this is common sense, which some people lack)
    5. abstain from all forms of intoxication. (no drinking, drugs, smoking, etc.)
  5. Right Livelihood: Abstain from all evil living and all manner of ill-gotten gain or means of livelihood. (ok, no spending that evil blood money)
  6. Right Effort: Abstain from all evil states of mind; foster and maintain virtuous states of mind; compassion, pity, sympathy, calmness and tranquility (this is hard to have all of these things at one time! Takes a lot of inner strength)
  7. Right Mindfulness: Regard everything as being impermanent, ill and corrupt: i.e., all feelings, perceptions, inclinations, consciousness, thoughts, mental states, mental images and mental activities. (I guess I don’t qualify because of my mental illness lol)
  8. Right Concentration: Foster dispassion, detachment, and revulsion for the things of the world as being decaying and impermanent. Practice aloofness from evil states of mind, from the senses and all sensations. Practice dwelling in solitude and seclusion, meditating and reflecting with singleness of mind. (hmm no friends.)

*the stuff in black is copied and pasted from some websites. The stuff in red are my words. I do not mock the Buddhism belief system. I have great respect for any person who can follow all of these “rights” for they are very strong.

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