Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wonderful Morning

This morning was horrible. I went in the girls’ room to get Zoe out of the crib, and I guess I woke Caitlin up. Caitlin says in a very grumpy voice, “Momma, you woke me up!” I said well yeah… there’s school today!

She received a new pair of pants and a matching shirt for her birthday. I thought they might be a little big, so I asked her nicely to please try them on. Caitlin did not want to put them on. So I told her she would go to school in her pajamas! She said “But mom today is not pajama day”. I told her “I guess you should get dressed then”. She barely got one leg in before complaining that they were way too long. I said yes, but they might be different if you are in them standing up! She yelled at me that they were too big and going to fall down again before she even had them on. So, since it was going to be nice out today, I went and got her a pair of her Capri’s. She put those on, and then complained that they were way too short! I told her that they are supposed to be that way, but she insisted that her legs were cold. FINE. So I found her a regular pair of plain jeans. She still had the short sleeve shirt on, and then complained about how her arms were going to be cold.

Well then her socks were the wrong kind. Her coat was too big. Her shoes were hard to get on; I hurt her hair when I brushed it. The stool she stands on was scary. It tickled when I brushed her teeth. I got tooth paste on her mouth. We are going to be late for school (she said it not me, we still had 30 minutes and the school is two minutes away). I could do nothing right this morning. She even said “I don’t like you mommy”.

But the second we got down stairs to see Carol & Ron, things changed. She was happy; smile on her face, her whole attitude was different.

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Rob Reimer said...

You guys have the CUTEST kids! I have been secretley reading your blog for some time now! Keep it up! I like reading about your "escapades"

Tell Tony I said Hi, and I will have to make it down to Hayward to see you guys..

Friends, Rob Reimer