Sunday, April 30, 2006

car rides, critters, hubby & houses

So… Wednesday around 1:15 pm, I decided that I would go visit hubby in Iowa. I had to wait until Caitlin was done at school at 3 pm. At three, away we went on our road trip to see daddy.

We did not get to Mason City until almost 10:30 pm. I am not completely sure what took us so long to get there. We only stopped to go to the bathroom and to get out and stretch our legs a few times. I did take the wrong road; I should have turned on a different highway, but that should not have made too big of a difference.

When ever I travel, near or far, I always see critters along the way. This time I saw a dozen bald eagles, a woodchuck, and a flamingo.

Tony was at his parent’s house when I finally arrived. They had closed the bar early, so he took off home to meet me. It was great to see him. I miss him so much. We went out to get something to eat, and then we just drove around until I was ready to go to sleep.

Tony’s bar is awesome. The place is huge, the bar is big, and the dance floor is an okay size for the bar. They are trying to make it a biker bar because the owner and his brother are Harley guys. Bike night starts next week, I think.

We went house hunting. I saw the one that Tony and his mom saw. Tony and I saw it online and really liked it. I still sort of liked it in person, but I didn’t like the stairs. We looked at two other houses that day. We had our realtor set up more showings for the next day. Its funny how you find something and you know it’s the perfect one; husbands, rings, vehicles, houses. We found one we really love. We still like the first one, and if the sale of this one falls through, we could live in the other one easily. But this one is so perfect. The size is great, the layout is perfect; it has a porch, a small yard, attached garage, and a “den”. The “den” is half of what would be the porch, except its weatherized and has gorgeous French doors. HELLO!?! CRAFT ROOM??? lol

The kid’s grandparents took the kids for most of the weekend so I could spend time with my husband. We went house hunting and hung out. It was really nice spending time with Tony with out the kids. We hardly get to do this since we normally don’t have someone to watch the children.

The girls and I started for home around 11:00 am. We stopped a few times, and got home at 4:30. I wonder how the way home was shorter, time wise, then the way there. Oh well, we are home.

Oh yeah.. the flamingo was plastic.

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