Monday, May 01, 2006


Maybe its just the weather or it could be that the neighbors are back, and the workers who stay next door will be here May 20th. It could be that its almost summer and I am still in Hayward, Wisconsin.

Its cold and rainy today, for like the third day in a row. Not 3rd day in WI, but the previous two in Iowa. I am happy that it is raining because the grass, flowers and trees could really use it, but the drearyness that comes along with the rain I could do with out.

Every summer, we get invaded by the workers of the store downstairs (next door). They come from all over the world, and it is neat if you can have a conversation with them, which is rare until the end of the season when they have picked up on some english.

I hatehatehate living off of the "main" street in the summer. I can not park anywhere with in a reasonable distance for hauling groceries. It doesnt seem to matter what time of the day I go, I can not park out front. There are people everywhere. I walk out the door at the bottom of the steps and its like stepping into the middle of a stampeed.

I know our move came faster then we had expected, but it feels like it is taking forever for hubby to get hired full time anywhere. He is going to be manager at the bar hes working at, but theres no way we will be able to get caught up and enough money to move before fall. He is waiting to hear back from the radio station, but he had lunch with the guy a week ago.


rant over

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