Thursday, May 04, 2006


I really like Thursday night TV for its fictional contnet. I look to Thursdays and Sundays for entertainment purposes. I watched ER tonight and was very dissappointed that the entire episode was about Africa, Dr Pratt & Carter. For weeks, NBC has been promoting the last three episodes. They have had some very good previews. I was not expecting an entire night in "Africa".

Do not get me wrong. I am not saying that we dont need to address the problems they are having in Africa. I think more could be done. I think there could be more done with in the United States also. On the NBC site, there are several links going to some websites that are trying to do good in different places around the world.

Now if they would have a Dateline, or something about these problems, I would watch it. I expect a different kind of TV from them then I expect from a "drama" TV show. Some times I just need to escape from my problems (which are meaningless to those living in those conditions) and watch some stressless tv. Seeing these people suffer, kill each other, kill those who are trying to make a difference, is not my idea of entertainment unless its a "horror" movie. I guess this could just be a different way to make people aware of the problems in the rest of the world, but maybe some of us like being unaware sometimes.

I have been a fan of ER for a long time now. Ive seen characters come and go. I am attatched to the story line. If it were not for these reasons why I watch, after tonights episode, I would find something else to fill this time slot for entertainment purposes only.

And now I must take my angry self to bed!!!

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anonymous jones said...

They reckon the capital of Sudan is the capital of human misery and suffering of the world. I don't think anybody's problems in America could compare with those poor peoples'. What a shameful world we live in.