Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sick Kiddo, Cold weather, Snow

So last night I thought I was dreaming when Caitlin got sick. Turns out it was not a dream, and poor Caitlin was actually puking. :( Poor kiddo... Oh and now she says she can not eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since that was the last thing she ate yesterday. This morning, I get to clean up the aftermath of her being sick. Its almost 10am, and she is still sleeping... My poor kiddo

So it was very cold yesterday. The temp never made it above 9 (F). Our poor furnace was on almost none stop yesterday. Darn drafty old house! Oh well.. we will get that taken care of soon. I did spend a few bucks on caulking when we first moved in. I caulked around all of the inside windows except the basement. And that must come next. It is freezing down there. Must warm it up.

This morning, I slept in. The kids slept in. Weird. I didn't get up until 8:30. When I did get up, I took the dog out, and it was snowing, and accumulating fast. I would love to take the kids out to play in the snow, except Caitlin is sick, and its still only 5(F) outside. So we will sit inside and watch the snow fall. Hopefully it will stick around a while after it warms up a bit.

Ok time to go play with photoshop!

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