Monday, January 22, 2007


Ok, I love this cute little house, but there are also some things I do not like. First, WHYYY would you put CARPET at the front door... Didn't they think about SNOW or water from RAIN? We do live in Iowa, so these things happen on a frequent basis. Carpet gets wet, then the carpet pad gets wet, then whatever is UNDER the carpet pad gets wet. No good. Not only do I hate stepping in puddles left from snow & water soaked shoes that don't seem to stay on the rugs, but I hate it more when I have socks on, with bare feet it doesn't bother me as much.

Second, why would you use those nasty peel n stick tiles? They are crappy, there are little spaces between them that dirt and goo gets stuck in, and they MOVE. Yes, they move. And they come unstuck. I would rather have lino through out the kitchen and back stairs then them.

Third, why would you cover up a doorway that goes from the kitchen into the entry way by the front door. Why would you leave the back side looking like a door, but the front side a nice finished wall? That is just silly.

Fourth, why would you put two layers of lino in the bedrooms? Yes, I said bedrooms. WTF is that shiat?? Did you know that years ago they would use a tar like substance to get the lino to stick? Yeah. I get to scrape that off the floor. The nice hardwood floor. It needs to be refinished, but for the most part, its in good shape.

Fifth, whats with the unlevel basement floor? why is a section about five feet by seven feet two inches higher then the rest of the floor??

Sixth, outside between the house and the garage door, the "patio" is so uneven and crumbling in some spots, and obviously patched in others. This makes for difficult shoveling and a nice place for ice & leaves to accumulate.

Ok but I really do like our house. Our home. Really.. .I do

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