Monday, January 15, 2007


I guess I posted about the snow too early. This morning when I got up and took the dog out, there was about an inch of snow on the porch, two or three on the steps. Another five on the sidewalks, totalling maybe 5 or six around the cars (since I didn't shovel there the first couple of shovelings)

Okay I think it is time I made a New Years Resolution or two.

1) Stick to my schedule. Cleaning, sleeping, living. Flylady has really helped me out in the past, and I need to stick with this.

2) See no. 1

Ok what other intellectual thing can I add to my blog today... hmm

We got a computer from Tonys brother who got it from someone who got a new one. I can totally see why they got a new computer. This one has a hard drive so small, it goes by MB. LOL crazyness! I might have to use some of the money we got for Christmas from our TFMR buds to buy the kids a new hard drive. Now I just have to find a small, yet not too small one for cheap.

Ok time to get dressed and off to work... er well home... to clean n stuff.. See no. 1

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