Friday, January 26, 2007


So everyone has a "pet supply" cupboard right? lol

So life is going good, my husband got the job at Winnebago, the four of us have health insurance for next month, that's a WONDERFUL thing, other then the benefits of having it, but my medications would run us about $300+ a month. That's a lot. We also were able to get food stamps for the rest of January, and February. After that, we are done! Hooray! I love the feeling of getting OFF of public assistance.

I love the dollar spot at Target. I have been wanting to get the kids some more "kid" dishes and silverware for a while. They disappear.. into thin air.. *POOF* gone. So they had plates, silverware, bowls, and cups. I loaded up. I got 8 plates total, four bowls, 8 silverware, and two glasses (they only had one style of glasses). Also while at Target, I came across some dog coats that were on clearance for 75% off. So I grabbed two. One little rain coat, and corduroy one. I got home and what do you know? THEY DIDN'T FIT. I have a tiny ass dog... I usually have NO problems getting him the x small. These were TOO SMALL. If the don't fit MY dog, what dog will they fit??? LOL

Well, we only need one more W2. And of course, its the smallest, its under $200 dollars. We got the rest, even the one I thought we would never get. Some were even forwarded. I thought they did not forward those things? Oh well... we got the ones that were.

I am almost finished with MY part of the basement remodel. Just one more coat of paint, wash the windows w/ cleaner, put plastic up (its a bit drafty down there) and the curtains. I think I should be able to finish that tonight! I hope! Because now that is done, I can work on decorating Finally! I think I am going to make it a beach theme. Not no cheesy beach, but nice and luxurious place to go to bed or just meditate. We have one wall thats kind of weird, So I am thinking I might just paint a real beach ... Yes that might be cheesy, but do you have a beach in YOUR bedroom? Is your bedroom YOUR castle? Ours will be... LOL

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