Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So.. I had the stomach flu yesterday. Yucky.. glad that's over.. Today though was hell too. I felt like crap. I was dizzy and shaky all day. After sleeping thru the alarm for ten mins, I got up and came down stairs and laid on the couch. I guess I must have fallen asleep. I woke up to Caitlin asking me to make oatmeal. I got up even though I did not want to move, looked at the clock, and it was 8:31am. Um... school starts at 8:30. So I made breakfast and did the usual "Okay GET DRESSED. NOW" thing and sent her to school with a note: "Caitlin is late today because I have the stomach flu and fell back asleep on the couch."

I figured I might feel better after taking one of my medications... So around 7, I took my lamictal. I began to feel a little less dizzy and shaky around 9pm. I can not wait to go to take my other med, go to sleep, and wake up feeling OKAY in the morning. Then I get to pick up after two days of no one picking up after them self. WOW its amazing what two days can do to a house. Must make the house into a nice cozy home again tomorrow.

I talked to my aunt Dawn tonight on the phone for over an hour. Its nice to talk to someone who understands what it is like to suffer from depression on the same level as myself. I discovered that we are on two of the same medications too. That's always interesting to see how medications affect other people. I told her how I used to take all three of my medications at night, and now being off Zoloft and on Effexor, I was told to take it in the morning and how I never remember if I had taken it that day or not. She mentioned that I should write it down. That was one of those DUH! moments that takes someone else to point out for you. I write EVERYTHING else down on my calender... why not what time I take my medication that day??
So tonight, to help me better remember to write down when I take my meds, I cleared off two days worth of soda bottles, cereal bowls, and other miscellaneous crap that collected on top of my ginormous desk calender. Turns out, tomorrow is "Computer, and book check out" so I threw Caitlin's library book on top of her coat, which happens to be on the floor of the entry way.

Oh I hope after taking my medications at the right time tonight and tomorrow help my day go better! I feel like I completely missed two whole days...

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