Thursday, April 19, 2007


So not only have I not done my "pic of the day" yet, I seemed to forgot to blog yesterday.

My husband took me and the girls out to eat the other night to Pizza Ranch. It was so nice doing something as a family outside of the house! We did it together, we got in the car and went. We got there and helped each other by getting plates of food or sodas or other drinks for one another. We functioned as a family, with well behaved children. Instead of driving straight home, Tony drove around a bit. It was nice to just be out with my family and not going home right away.

We bought Caitlin a picnic basket for her birthday. I think we may just have to have a picnic on Saturday! *looks at foxcast* Ooo! 79F !! *puts picnic food on grocery list*

Tomorrow is Friday, I go grocery shopping right away after I drop Caitlin off at school. I feel better when I accomplish things right away in the morning. I really do not like to go home, get out of the car, get Zoe out of the car, go inside, take off coats and shoes, just to later have to get ready to leave all over again. Its so easy to just GO after dropping Caitlin off at school!

Ive been making several new digi kits! I can not wait to put them up in my store! I am having a blast coming up with new things, and ideas! This is one of the kits I made several kits ago!!

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