Friday, April 13, 2007


So my day was pretty uneventful until later in the afternoon. In the morning, I took Caitlin to school, came home, took a nap, woke up and decided Zoe, Zeus and I would go get lunch and eat it at the park. We went and got Mc Donald's (except Zeus), then drove to East Park. We sat in one of the covered picnic areas, which was a horrible idea, because it was not very warm in the shade.

After we ate our lunch, we went to watch the geese & ducks. While we were there, a KIMT news truck pulled up. A few minutes later, I was asked "Can I have a few moments of your time?" Um Sure? LOL

Apparently they have problems in the park at night and the cops are too busy or not enough to cover all of the ginormous park. So a year ago, they started a thing where volunteers patrol the park and call the cops if something "suspicious" is going on. Of course last night, a car did some damage to a bush and the grass.

He asked me questions like "why do you think someone would vandalize a park?" "how do you feel about people volunteering to watch the park?" ... stuff like that...

He also filmed a bit of Zoe playing and walking around with her stick.

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