Friday, April 20, 2007

Flowers & a Cat

I got some flower seeds today along with a easy planter thing. All you have to do is add seeds & water, and they will grow, then you plant them. Well the seeds I got were perennials instead of annuals. I think I need annuals for the planter thing. So Zoe and I dug up the ground on the other side of the garage (theres already a flower bed back there with other perennials) and put them in the ground. Now it needs to rain, because I do not have enough money to buy a hose, and your supposed to keep the ground wet for the first couple of weeks. LOL

The other day when I was outside in back doing some yard work, I took a break. I was sitting on the swing and I heard this noise like something was trying to get out of something. I finally noticed that the noise was coming from my neighbors garage. It was a CAT! When he came outside with his black lab, Shadow, I showed him the cat. He was like OMG! The wind blew open the door a while ago, and he closed the door a month ago without opening it since. When he opened the door, a cat popped out, and was very happy to see someone, anyone, to free her. Or at least we think its a she. The kids named her Fluffy, but before the neighbors friend knew, she named the cat Cali. We fed and gave the cat some water, and now she is our friend. Shes sticking around I guess.

We had another outdoor cat a while back, I named him Tom. The neighbor (on the other side) threw him out because he was peeing on things. Well hes a male cat, and not fixed, so its kind of the owners own fault. He stuck around for a while, but being a male cat, he soon expanded his territory away from our porch. I have not seen Tom in a while now.

So theres my flower & cat story!

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