Thursday, January 26, 2006

Taxes and other pointless info

I tried to do our taxes yesterday and failed miserably. Well not really, but I feel like I did. I used turbo tax online... I could not e-file at the time because at the time turbo tax was published, the form we need was not updated by the IRS. Grrrr... I looked it up on their site, and the form is due to be ready on the 28th. I was kinda hopeing to get them in before Friday, because in the past, they have direct deposited them on Fridays. So I guess we have to wait till the 28th.

In other news. lol news, like im that important to call it "news" hehe

... Zoe is becoming quite the little copy cat. Its so cute, she follows Caitlin everywhere, and does what she does.

... I thought my cold was over but yesterday I got all stuffed up again. I am on my second box of Cold Eeze. Boy does that make ya thirsty lol its a good thing too cuz I dont feel like drinking anything, and that way I have to

... My van needs new tires . Hope to remidy that with the tax return.

... Netflix r0x!

... I completed one load of laundry.. We all will have clean socks and undies, but no clothes to put over them. NO, NO PICTURES.

... I need to do the dishes.. and more laundry .. and mop the floors.

... I forgot to take my vitamins yesterday

... I should have gone to bed at 9pm like I planed to (as of last night)

... My kids get up at 7am(or so) no matter what time I go to bed

... I need to get back on my diet

... I need to go to bed

... You are really still reading this?

... I am done now

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