Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Years Resolutions

Well I figure if write down (or well type) my New Years Resolutions, I will have them burned into my head for future reference.

This year I plan to stick to a schedule. Being bi polar, I have a really hard time if I do not keep my routines. My whole world turns upside down; my mental health, our house, my moods. Everything is affected by my routines.

This year I plan to visit our family more often. We live an hour away from two of my grandmothers, my cousin and her kids, and my father. It would be nice if I were to get there to visit more often as one of my grandmothers is 94 and the other is in her seventies. I have not taken the girls to see my Grandma Lill in two years. It was two years ago at Christmas. We did go visit her and my father the same day we went to see Santa.

Tony’s grandmothers live about 7 hours away, so it’s not like we can go for the day. Tony works weekends so we can not go then, and Caitlin has school Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I have to find out what she has off for Spring Break and maybe go on a Sunday thru Tuesday. Tony’s grandmothers are not exactly young either. One of his grandmothers has some heart issues and other medical problems. His other grandmother seems healthy, but we still need to visit her more often.

This year I plan to stay up to date with my scrapbook club and my other club that I take part in. We do card swaps, and play fun games in the scrapbook club. I miss being on top of things with my clubs. The ladies in these clubs are wonderful!

This year I plan to relax and enjoy life more. Maybe some day Ill go get my first manicure and pedicure, a massage would be nice too. I need to relax when it comes to yelling at my children. I am so on the edge, everything sets me off. I just need to chill out. I need to enjoy these times with my children and family.

Well those are my New Year’s resolutions. I hope I can stick with them because I would feel much better and actually accomplish things.

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