Wednesday, January 18, 2006

End of the "weekend"

It is Wednesday already. I know for some people that are a good thing because it is “hump” day and closer to the weekend. For our family, it means our weekend is ending, and Tony’s work week is beginning. He has Sunday thru Tuesday off, unlike those 9 to 5ers that have Saturday and Sunday off. No matter what he thinks, I do enjoy spending time with him, even if it just means we are across the room from each other. I do love our couch time when we watch TV or movies together also.

I had a good time last night at my “open scrap (booking)” thingy. There were more people there last night then the other times that I have been there. I think I have met half of them. I can’t say that I got any scrapbooking done though. I did work on some journaling, but I did not get much of that done either.

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