Saturday, January 07, 2006


Today I had to go buy Caitlin some medicine for her cold that she got sometime last night. Along my walk to the van, I came across nine dollars just laying on the ground. I stopped, picked it up and looked around to see if there was a possible owner. Nope.

I drive to WalMart, park, and walk across the parking lot. I feel like I am being watched... I was. This person driving a SUV ... Was it ME? or my pink coat?... I walk into WalMart, and I noticed that they were really busy. I hate when they are busy. My social anxeity goes through the roof when I have shop with many other humans.

I go to the isle where the meds are in; this old lady gets in my way. I am in her way too. Does she move out of my way after I move out of her way? NO! UGh.. I go get some other stuff, then head to the check out. I went thru this girl that is related to my aunt some how. I asked her how she was doing and how her baby was doing; her baby is 3 months old.

I walk out of the first doors and give my cart to the "greeter" who says "Thank you VERY much for dropping your cart off!" WTF? I have two bags of stuff, they are light... Am I the only one who does not take a cart into the parking lot if I do not have to? I guess I am just weird. When I get a parking spot that is first to the door, I always bring my cart back inside instead of further OUT into the parking lot to a cart carrell. That just seems silly.

When I left Walmart, I put the van back into the parking lot for two reasons 1) so tony wouldnt have to do it, and 2) there were no parking spots in front of our building. When I got out of the van, I see this bird... OK PAUSE. If there is a phobia of birds pooping and it landing on you, I totally have it... OK PLAY.. flying sort of over me, I cringe thinking it was a stupid "rat with wings" as my husband calls seagulls, I notice that it is a bald eagle. Neat. I love nature, and I really love when I see things like this. Anywhoo the eagle made my day

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Stine said...

That was my $9 you found. Kthxbai.