Saturday, January 28, 2006


So I didnt think I would miss my computer THAT much because I dont really do much other then surf the web, chat, check my email, and edit photos. I did not take into consideration that I have an alarm program on my computer to remind me of those silly things that happen every day. Seems simple for some people to automaticaly remember to do stuff like take their pills, play groups, appointments and what not. Well it is not that easy for me. I need reminders.

Last night, I chatted online for a while, surfed the net a bit, then decieded to watch the movie "CRASH" . I thought it was a really good movie, but there was some bad acting. I dont usually say that there is bad acting unless it is very bad. Any who... the movie ended about 10:30, and my heart sank. I forgot to take my pills at 9:30pm! I take them that early so by 11, I am ready to go to bed and sleep.. if I go earlier, I toss and turn.

So thats why I need my alarm on my computer! To remind me of these silly little things! I did set my phone alarm for 9:30pm to remind me to take my pills, so we will see how that goes.

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