Saturday, January 21, 2006

The downward spiral of my life..or at least my mind

I totally suck at being a human… To the point that I should not even be one. I can’t pay bills on time, I forget about parking tickets, and parking tickets are evil in this town. If you don’t pay them in 15 days, they almost double. If you don’t pay THAT in 15 days, they send it to the state and it makes your vehicle “unregistered”. WTF it’s a damn parking ticket. I got called and bitched out at 7:30 am this morning about a parking ticket. A PARKING TICKET. Not ten, not twenty, but ONE. ONE PARKING TICKET. For parking in front of our building.

I am worthless. I don’t think I could hold a job if my life depended on it. I just can not handle working. I don’t know why. I cant handle keeping the house clean either. I just get behind, and that causes me to get behind EVERYWHERE, then we live in chaos. I can provide the basic things for my children, barely, but I do. I cant really say the same for myself.

I don’t think my meds are working. I just had them raised last month. I live in a constant state of a low grade depression. It sucks.

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