Thursday, September 04, 2008



I have to admit, I never really get into politics... I usually vote for who ever my very smart husband suggests.

This year, it is hard to stay silent. We watched the Republican thing (see I don't even know what it was called...) on TV last night and listened to what Sarah P. was preaching about. I managed to get a few things out of the garbled politics boring crapola. Mainly, she would fight for more nuclear power plants in the US to help us get away from foreign oil. Wow. Where does she plan to put all this nuclear waste?? Does she wish to have more Chernobyl's?? Ugh. That just absolutely disgusts me. Why not put all of the money saved from NOT building more nuclear plants into wind, solar, water, and geo thermal energy?!

The other thing that I took away from her speach was that she is an average every day mother. I am sorry, but an average everyday mother who wishes to continue to be there for her children would not want to run for vice president of a very large country. How does she expect to raise her special needs child, and a grandchild if she is too busy following around the president?? She has FIVE kids. I have never really seen the vice president's job as a 9-5, Monday - Friday job that ends when you leave the office. No, I am not after working parents. I just dont think she would be good for the job.

Another thing that was not discussed at the Repblican thing (Convention?) was how many controversy's that Sarah P and John McCain have been envolved in. Google it. Why would we want people who create controversy in Washington??

Lastly, Sarah P.'s youngest child has a disability. As far as I know, Republicans are the ones who always vote against keeping programs that benefit children with disabilities. Can she continue to call herself a Republican?! when they themselves deny children with disabilities the programs that they and their parents need?? Many of her views do not seem to back the Repblican way. How does a country expect to elect a president whos VP doesnt follow the ways??

I do not think that Sarah P. is right for the job. Not because she is a woman, but because of the things above that I mentioned. Yes it is great what she has done for Alaska, but do we really need to change a law that was made several years ago because one party does not agree with it? (Roe vs. Wade) Why does government feel they must step into someones live and tell them that they can not have an abortion?? We settled this issue! Leave it alone! There are more important things to worry about! Off the top of my head I can name a few... The ecomonmy, the war, local energy, less foreign oil, balancing the budget, social security... Lets worry about those before we try to dictate US womans lives.


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